REVIEW: Prins Carl – Wake up

reb1040 front coverPrins Carl – Wake up
7” 2015 Rebel Sound Music / Bandworm

Prins Carl is a streetpunk/Oi! band from Sweden who already released two albums ‘New Order’ in 2011 and ‘No Mercy’ in 2012. Recently they released a new 7” called ‘Wake Up’ in global co-operation with BANDWORM/SPIRIT OF THE STREETS (Germany), POINK (Germany) and COW (Sweden) in an edition of 250 copies in solid red vinyl.

When you listen to a certain genre a lot you sometimes get a been-there-heard-that kind of feeling and I have it in a way when I listen to the four songs on ‘Wake Up’. Their catchy streetpunk with rough vocals sound a bit familiar and when you listen to the socially aware lyrics: working class struggle, the union, …. it all adds up to even more clichés. Is this bad, no, not really, ‘Power in the Union’ for instance is a nice and passionate blue colour anthem and I don’t mind a good cliché at times. 7/10

Track List:
1. Power In The Union
2. Fight Them All
3. Don’t Want To Be Your Friend
4. A.L.S


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