REVIEW: Sniper 66 – Caput Lupinum


Sniper 66 – Caput Lupinum
LP 2015 Rebel Sound

These Austin punk rockers from Sniper 66 are around since 2009 and recently they released their second album ‘Caput Lupinum’ for the first time on vinyl through Rebel Sound Music. This one is a must have for all you punk vinyl collectors because only 250 are made and they are available in ‘Blood Red’ and ‘Gold’ Half-N-Half with ‘Black’ splatter, including a printed inner sleeve and a poster.

Musically ‘Caput Lupinum’ is for the fans of hard hitting street punk, a bit like Oxymoron and co., who don’t mind a well placed sing-a-long and a lot of whoo-hoos. You are in for a total win if you can appreciate social aware lyrics brought by a rough edged and raspy sounding vocalist.

So to sum it up ‘Caput Lupinum’ by Sniper 66 is a more then decent punk record. 7,5/10

Track list:
1. Caput Lupinum
2. Parasite
3. Another War
4. No Substance
5. Long Road
6. Anxiety
7. One Shot
8. 7 Years
9. Society
10. Trouble
11. Waste of Time
12. Bring It Back
12. Messiah


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