REVIEW: Assault & Battery / DDC – Assault & Destroy split 10″

AB_DDC_SPLITAssault & Battery / DDC – Assault & Destroy split 10″
2015 split 10” Rebellion Records / American Oi! Records

The fans of the American Oi! sound have another record to pick up. This time it is a 10” split with Atlanta streetpunk/Oi band DDC (Drink & Destroy Crew) and Assault & Battery. The record is released in a co-production between Rebellion Records and American Oi! Records.

The A-side delivers three new DDC tracks and a cover of the Fatskins song ‘Needin’ A Dentist’ featuring Mike Oxley from the Fatskins himself. With their contribution to this split 10”, DDC delivers some powerful rocking tunes for the fans of melody driven streetpunk and Oi with a rock and roll beat. Assault & Battery on the other hand deliver 4 songs with a more pissed off, raving punk sound which make their side of the 10” sound a bit rougher and more raw.

Whether you like streetpunk, pogo punk, Oi with or without a rock and roll beat, the ‘Assault & Destroy’ split 10″ has it all to offer. 7,5/10

Track list:
A-side / DDC side:
1. Bush League
2. Needin’ A Dentist (Fatskins Cover)( Guest vocals from Mike Fatskin)
3. Fight Like Hell
4. Bitter End
B-side / Assault & Battery side:
1. Truth, Liberty & Justice
2. My Life
3. Still Pissed
4. Cold Weather


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