REVIEW: Razorcut – Rise Again


Razorcut – Rise Again
CD/LP 2015 Rebellion Records / Longshot Music

The Aussies from Razorcut, fronted by Al (Marching Orders), are back and just released their first full-length album called ‘Rise Again’. The CD version is available through Rebellion Records and de LP is a co-production between Rebellion Records and Longshot Music.

With an equal share in male and female members Razorcut has something to offer that you do not see a lot within the Oi! and streetpunk scene. This line-up certainly contributes to the powerful and melodic Razorcut sound. Al’s significant vocals and the female backings are quite unique and lift the music to higher grounds. This in combination with some good rocking songs that blend classic and modern Oi! and streetpunk influences in a more then decent way makes ‘Rise Again’ is a powerful sounding album. 8/10

Track list:
1. Razorcut
2. Fighting Spirit
3.Your Enemy
4. Live To Fight Another Day
5. Just Another Day
6. Fight For More
7. Who Are You?
8. At The Bar Tonight
9. Another Rich Man
10. Rise Again
11. Raise Our Glasses


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