COMICS: J.ROM Force Of Gold

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The awakening of a hero.

With Amoras, Suske en Wiske the Saga Unfolds, we have a modern, adult adaptation of the classic Belgium comic series Suske & Wiske. I certainly love this adaptation, I never was a big fan of the old school Suske & Wiske comics though. Album #5 will be out in May. Like Amoras, J.ROM – Force of Gold is also a modern adaptation of Jerom (de gouden stuntman), which was a spin-off series of the Suske & Wiske comic series. J.ROM Force Of Gold is a bit of a ‘superhero comic’. It is the work of scenarist Bruno De Roover and drawn by Romano Molenaar. Album #2 of 3 is just released.

The first album ‘Schaduw’ certainly feels like the introduction of this series. In this album we find J.ROM, a hero on the dole after a mission gone wrong, boozing his life away. He was part of an organization called Force. A girl named Pi, short for Epifanie, convince him to be the hero again he once was. When we see J.ROM getting his shit back together and training his ass off, the scene from Rock IV comes to mind, so ‘Eye of the Tiger’ would be a nice soundtrack to this album. In the second album J.ROM is back on track, the hero is awake and facing a known enemy, the action just blasts out of the album. I’m not going to give any spoilers here but ‘Helder’ just ‘shakes your foundations’ 😉 and so does this great looking comic series.



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