REVIEW: As Friends Rust – Greatest Hits?


As Friends Rust – Greatest Hits?
CD/LP 2015 Shield Recordings

Its been a while since I listened to Florida’s As Friends Rust. They were/are mostly known for crossing genre boundaries with their exciting and energetic melodic hardcore and punk rock. I’ve seen them live back in the days but never really picked up any of their records. They broke up in 2002 but did some reunions in the years to follow. They play on Groezrock (Be) this year.

Shield Recordings is releasing this ‘Greatest Hits?’ album on CD, LP and in digital format. The album is curated by the band and offers the best material from across three line-ups, six releases and six year of As Friends Rust. If you are a fan of the band, I guess you have all or most of their records and this ‘Greatest Hits?’ album probably will not add anything new to your collection besides being a cool ‘Greatest Hits?’ Album. But If you are like me and do not own a single As Friends Record, this album will take you on a great trip to Memory Lane … and the football season, is the only reason, you stay alive in your prime time beehive …

Track list:
1. Encante
2. When People Result in Name Calling
3. Ruffian
4. Home is Where The Heart Aches
5. Half Friend Town
6. Like Strings
7. Coffee Black
8. The First Song On The Tape You Made Her
9. Perfect Stranglers
10. We On Some Next Level Shit
11. Laughing Out Loud
12. Won’t Be The First Time
13. Born With A Silver Spoon Up Your Ass
14. More Than Just Music, It’s A Hairstyle


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