REVIEW: Sunpower – Last Rites


Sunpower – Last Rites
Tape 2015 Lost Youth Records

Lost Youth Records (Belgium) is a young DIY record label started in 2008 who spent their time releasing music, organising shows (crossbonefest, …) and promoting bands. One of their latest releases is the ‘Last Rites’ by Sunpower on a yellow tape (only 50 made, incl. downloadcode) . It is also released as a 7” by Spastic Fantastic Records.

Sunpower always deliver good goods, you just can’t go wrong with any of their releases, certainly if you like old school hardcore punk with an 80s vibe and a dash of garage rock. So this new release has ‘Out Of Step Fanzine’ written al over it ;-), I mean, it is hardcore, it is punk, it is rock and roll.

With ‘Last Rites’ Lost Youth Records has a fine release out by one of Belgium’s greatest hardcore punk bands ever. 8,5/10

Track list:
1. Another Rage
2. No One Is Innocent
3. Johnny Roller
4. Get Out Of society


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