REVIEW: The Widowsill / DeeCracks – Reconsider Fisto

SLD 074 - Cover 2500pxThe Widowsill / DeeCracks – Reconsider Fisto
split 10” 2015 Shield Recordings

This ‘Reconsider Fisto’ 10” has two great pop punk bands on one disc. The Widowsill from the Netherlands is formed out of ex-members of The Apers and a current member of the Accelerators. They already released 2 full lengths and a couple of split 7 inches. The DeeCracks, from Austria, formed in 2003 as The Cretins, released one full length but had to change their name. They also released 2 more full lengths and a lot of split releases.

The Windowsill and the DeeCracks on one 10” sound like the Queers who take the Travoltas out for the weekend. On the silly side the boys are chillin’ on the beach, doing some surfing, a bit heartbroken … with the Ramones and the Beach Boys coming out of the speakers of the VW van in the background. The Crackin’ Side on the other hand sounds more like the day after, a bid hungover from boozing and smoking all night, realizing that they should do it more often because otherwise life can be such a drag. It certainly doesn’t sound bad 8/10.

Track list:
Silly Side – The widowsill:
1. Around ’97
2. Lonely Nights
3. Moonlit Sky
4. Silently Said Goodbye
Crackin’ Side – DeeCracks:
1. Metal mind
2. For All That
3. Humanize Me
4. Get it Right


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