NEWS: Thanks But No Thanks Records (B) is on the roll.


Punk rock band Generation 84 (B) is a part of the Thanks But No Thanks family and will release their new EP ‘Let’s Do This!’ on April 11, on vinyl and digital only., check out the a new song here:

Also Young Hearts (B) joined TBNT Records and will release their EP Now’s My Time on 9 May.

10396302_743955812361915_3285034530076826014_nAnd last but not least (for now), a new band has joined the TBNT roster : Ghosts + Villains (B), consisting out of (ex-) members of The Rocket, Second Base, Starfucker, NØFX, The Lighthouse, … With influences like Jimmy Eat World, The Get Up Kids and Taking Back Sunday they create their own eclectic brand of emorock.. Their debut EP ‘Small Victories’ will be out on TBNT in the near future.




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