REVIEW: Special Providence – Essence of Change

Stanc_2009.cdrSpecial Providence – Essence of Change
CD 2015 GEP

The new album by the instrumental Hungarian band Special Providence, founded in 2004, was released by GEP on 30th March. ‘Essence of Change’ surely is an intriguing blend of progressive rock, modern jazz and spacey electro tunes. The album is groovy and enjoyable at times but also a bit too overwhelming and too complex and that is annoying after a few minutes. For the lovers, not the haters. 6,5/10

Track list:
1. Awaiting the Semicentennial Tidal Wave
2. Surprise Me
3. Kiss from a Glacier
4. Northern Lights
5. Atlas of You
6. I.R.P
7. Darkness
8. Gas Giants (feat DAvid Maxim Micic)
9. Testin The Empathy (Bonus track)


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