REVIEW: The Dutch Rudders – On Verra


The Dutch Rudders – On Verra
cassette 2015 Lost Youth Records

Here we go with another tape release from Lost Youth Records. Now it is ‘On Verra’, the début full-length of The Dutch Rudders (B). Again a limited run of 50, this time on black coloured tapes (incl. download code). Cassette/tapes seem to be the new hype nowadays but for the haters of the format ‘On Verra’ is also out on CD and LP through Monster Zero records.

Lost Youth Records certainly has a nice variety of bands on their roster. No hardcore or polished pop punk this time but straightforward, mostly up-tempo melodic punk rock. It is catchy but the band is fronted by an overall hoarse sounding vocalist. This gives ‘On Verra’ a nice roughness around the edges, an extra pinch of rawness and an extra pinch of Punk! 8/10

Track list:
1. Oedipus
2. Nice Peace
3. Ce n’est pas la mer a boire
4. Irion Lungs
5. Avoid The Crazy Eyes
6. 999
7. Falling Apart
9. I Was A Teenage Anti-Christ


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