REVIEW: Top Bunk – s/t


Top Bunk – s/t
cassette EP 2015 Lost Youth Records

The European cassette release of Top Bunk’s (USA) s/t début EP is released by Lost Youth Records on a limited run of 50 smokey-coloured tapes (incl. download code). The cassette has 3 bonus tracks. The EP is also available through Round Dog records (EU 7”), Bloated Kat records/Dyslexic Werewolf recrods (USA 7”) and through Dyslexic Werewolf recrods/Wiener records (USA cassette).

Their ain’t no party like a punk rock party and with their catchy whoo hoo hoo pop punk including clapping hands and sing-a-longs, Top Bunk will definitely get everyone at the punk rock show moving. If they do not succeed, that you even move your pinky toe, you are one stiff mofo or you need to get some Tomorrowland tickets instead. Top Bunk’s s/t EP is some first class good ol’ meaningless fun. Pick it up in whatever format you like, you won’t regret it. 8/10

Track list:
1. so Dramatic
2. Eating CF with the SG
3. Can’t Hang
4. Ran Away
5. Just Go
6. Oh Emilia
7. Whoa Dude
8. I Feel Better
9. Waiting


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