REVIEW: Bishops Green – A Chance To Change


Bishops Green – A Chance To Change
CD/LP 2015 Rebellion Records / Longshot Music / Pirates Press Records

Canada’s best streetpunk/Oi/rock and roll export product ‘Bishops Green’ is back with a new album called ‘a Chance To Change’. The EU CD and LP version are out on Rebellion Records, The US LP version is out on Longshot Music / Pirates Press Records and there is also a special tour LP in support of the band’s European tour!

With Bishops Green, Rebellion Records has one hell of a band on their roster. It seems that Bishops Green always deliver quality goods and just never let down. And that is also the case with ‘A Chance To Change’. Certainly not if you love catchy streetpunk/Oi! rock and roll full of critical punk rock fury with a dash of new wave drama fronted by a vocalist with a distinctive voice. ‘A Change To Change’ is again a rock solid Bishops Green album. 8,5/10

Track list:
1. Lost Generation
2. Specter
3. We Got Nothing
4. Resistance
5. Government Lies
6. Dead And Gone
7. Caged
8. Defiance
9. Ship To Shore
10. Invisible
11. Can’t Walk Away
12. Soldier


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