REVIEW: Carlson – s/t


Carlson – s/t
EP 2015 DIY

Carlson is a five piece alternative rock band from Erfurt, Germany founded in 2012 who recently released their first self titled EP.

If you occasionally need to escape your heavy music box, then I can recommend this six track Carlson EP. Why? Because this EP offers some nicely worked out, sometimes experimental, pop rock tunes with a bit of a dreamy and melancholic atmosphere. It will certainly calm you down. Listening to this EP, I have the feeling that the tunes are at their best experienced live in a humble setting: a living room, a small stage, …

I’m not going to spent a whole lot of words on this one, just go check it out for yourself. 8/10

Track list:
1. Fiddles & Gold
2. Dino
3. Up
4. Calm Down
5. I Felt
6. Clock


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