REVIEW: Complaint – We’re Right, You’re Wrong

complaint_coverComplaint – We’re Right, You’re Wrong
CD/LP 2015 Rebellion Records

Complaint is a new hardcore outfit form the Netherlands who are about to release their début full-length ‘We’re Right, You’re Wrong’ on Rebellion Records. With eleven songs in about 18 minutes this is how hardcore should be: short, fast and loud (not in a shredding trashy way).

On ‘We’re Right, You’re Wrong’ the 80s pissed off hardcore influences are well represented and you can also hear that the boys are influenced by the Oi! Sound. Now, to be honest I have some mixed feelings about this one. Their sound certainly is rough, raw and unpolished, which makes it more real than most stadium hardcore acts. You know, it has that less-is-more DIY hardcore punk kind off spirit. But their straight forward, as they call it, drunken skinhead hardcore, can use a little bit of fine-tuning to give it an extra pinch of quality. 7/10

Track list:
1. We’re Right
2. Loyalty
3. All The Same
4. Life I Chose
5. Shadowwalkers
6. Killing Time
7. Bullshit
8. Fuck Off
9. On The Floor
10. Deadbeat
11. Never Run


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