REVIEW: Light Your Anchor – Homefires

Light Your Anchor - Homefires - Artwork

Light Your Anchor – Homefires
CD/LP/digital 2015 Let It Burn Records/Acuity.Music

After a few EP’s and a full-length, the Hamburg based five-piece ‘Light Your Anchor’ is back with a new record out on Let It Burn Records/Acuity.Music.

The album opens atmospheric with a cracking fire that gives you a comfortable feeling. Maybe this has a symbolic meaning, letting the fans know that ‘Homefires’ is what you would expect from ‘Light Your Anchor’: a perfect blend of melodic hardcore, skatecore and more technical metalcore. Or maybe it has more a thematic meaning: referring to a cosy fire at a place you call your home. Or maybe both.

Nevertheless musically the band keeps a good balance between catchy and heavy, between melody and brutality, between screams and sing-a-longs and with songs about suicide, broken relationships, … it lyrically sometimes is a bitter pill to swallow but it is a tasty pill. 8/10

Track list:
2.Going Nowhere Fast
3.The Pledge
4.At The End
7.Time To Move On
8.Long Way Down
10.Time Is Ticking
11.Counting Sheep
12.Just Okay
13.Homefires Acoustic


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