REVIEW: Anchor – Distance & Devotion


Anchor – Distance & Devotion
CD/LP 2015 Gaphals Records

Swedish hardcore band Anchor has released their third album called Distance & Devotion and when I compare it to some of their earlier work, I have the feeling that their sound nowadays is a bit less brutal then before. Don’t get me wrong, ‘Distance & Devotion’ still is a powerful and heavy hardcore record but it seems that they have added some more melody, breakdowns and resting points to the songs, making them a bit catchier and more appealing to a larger crowd. ‘Distance & Devotion’ certainly is a strong record that will appeal to a diversity of hardcore and punk fans who embrace the more melodic and sXe hardcore sound. 8.5/10

Track list:
1. Upstream
2. Into the storm
3. Survive
4. Distance
5. Losing Faith
6. To Hell And Back
7. Out Of The Storm
8. Roads Unknown
9. Devotion
10. Hope Dies Last
11. Nightcaller


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