REVIEW: Dead High Wire – Endless discussions bore me to death

cover (3)Dead High Wire – Endless discussions bore me to death
EP cassette Oddie Records

The Antwerp underground rockers from Dead High Wire are back with a new EP available as cassette through Oddie Records. You can also find it digital on their bandcamp:

The rock duo is evolved in a trio but the sound hasn’t changed. Still they bring a more then decent (experimental) blend of indierock, garage rock, postpunk, new wave … ‘Endless discussions bore me to death’ will certainly not bore you, the listener, to death. Opener ‘The Cabin’ is an energetic and uplifting song but follower ‘Black Widow’ has a more repetitive dark and haunting new wave inspired sound. The threatening atmosphere created in ‘Black Widow’ certainly continues in ‘Dark Passenger’. I’m not sure, maybe it is just me, but ‘Dark Passenger’ has a bid of a hidden country and psychobilly vibe going on. The EP ends with the most experimental song ‘Metropolitan’.

Again, some fine, divers and classy tunes from the Dead High Wire boys. 8,5/10

Track List:
1. The Cabin
2. Black Widow
3. Dark Passenger
4. Metropolitan


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