REVIEW: Spirits s/t and Discontent

coverSpirits – s/t
EP 2015 CoinToss Records

Spirits – Discontent
LP 2015 State of Mind Records/Reality Records

Spirits (the band, not the distilled beverage) and black coffee in the morning works better then black coffee alone to get your blood pumping. Spirits is a straight edge hardcore band from Boston. Their début full length ‘discontent’ will be out early May on State of Mind Records (USA) and our own Reality Records (EUROPE). The release of discontent is backed-up by a full European tour in May. The band already released a Split 7” on Speedowax Records (UK) and earlier this year a Self-Titled 7” EP on Coin Toss Records (USA).

These Spirits releases offer you some good old fashion straight edge hardcore. I hear you think: been there heard that … X cliché here, X cliché there. In a way you are right, but their mostly up tempo hardcore has so much to offer: social criticism, nice breaks, tempo changes, resting points, diversity, good melodies, … but without overdoing it. This combined makes Spirits sound more suitable for a lager crowd and not only must have material for the x’d up kids.

Spirits prove that there still is a future for straight edge hardcore. 8/10

Track list s/t EP:
1. Break Out
2. Spinning Webs
3. What Seperates Us
4. In My Way
5. Kill This Sound

Track list discontent LP:
1. Discontent
2. Days of Light
3. Life of Fiction
4. Time Got Lost
5. Paid For Hate
6. Never Lose The Feeling
7. Searching For More
8. The Pledge
9. Inherent Greed
10. The Almighty Dollar
11. Displaced
12. Their Class War
13. The Restless Ones (No Future)


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