REVIEW: The Octopussys – Leagues Below

1609756_10206565693719726_8691713613527996868_nThe Octopussys – Leagues Below
CD2015 Funtime Records / No Panic Records

Belgian punk rock is doing good and bands are jamming out well, just to name a few: F.O.D. Latest album ‘Tricks of the Trade’ is a blast, they recently did a four day Spanish tour and will play Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia this summer. Generation 84 released some fine tunes on their new EP ‘Let’s do this but more about that later.

Now about the Octopussys new album ‘Leagues Below’ that got released earlier this month: 12 sons are on this shiny compact disc. For the downloaders and streamers, who don’t care about physical copies, the songs are also digital available through their Bandcamp.

‘Leagues Below’ is a fine album with a good variation of mid-tempo melodic punk rock and more up-tempo skate punk tunes. So a good mix of good ol’ punk rock. Add some humour to it and you have a band that brings the fun back into punk rock, or something like that 😉 . Personal highlight is the song ‘don’t call me Shirley’, which is a trip back to my childhood and teens in the 80s and 90s. If all the songs on this album were like this one ‘Leagues Below’ would be a killer album now it only almost is 😉 8/10

Track list:
1. Halfway Around The World
2. Daddy Issues
3. Gone
4. Don’t Call Me Shirley
5. Cut The Ties
6. Oblivious
7. Ink’s For Squids
8. Groundhog Day
9. Take A Hike
10. Beer Me Up
11. Friendly Fire
12. Not Your Problem


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