REVIEW: BOB Wayne – Hits The Hits

Press_Cover_03BOB Wayne – Hits The Hits
CD/LP 2015 People Like You Records

On ‘Hits the Hits’ country outlaw, singer-songwriter and storyteller Bob Wayne covers the worlds biggest hits and let me tell you some of them really surprised me. You got the more obvious ones like Led Zeppelin’s ‘Rock And Roll’ and ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ by The Rolling Stones. You know, songs that aren’t so far fetched and songs that could easily be Bob Wayne’s own songs. Also some songs that fits his oeuvre perfectly in one way or the other, certainly when they are done in his own distinguish style: ‘Under The Bridge’, The Kids Aren’t Alright’ and ‘Crazy train’. The covers that really surprise me are ‘Radioactive’ by Imagine Dragons, ‘All About That Bass’ by Meghan Trainer and ‘Disturbia’ by Rihanna, not that they are bad or anything. I just did not expect Bob Wayne to cover these. But hey, Johnny Cash did some unexpected covers so… not that I’m comparing Bob Wayne with Johnny Cash, that would by blasphemy. ;-). To conclude, ‘Hits the Hits’ is a nice addition to your Bob Wayne collection and a must have if you just like covers of your favourite songs. 8,5/10

Track list:
1. Rock And Roll (originally by Led Zeppelin)
2. Skyfall (originally by Adele)
3. Sweet Child O’ Mine (originally by Guns N’ Roses)
4. Sympathy For The Devil (originally by The Rolling Stones)
5. I Shot The Sheriff (originally by Bob Marley)
6. Crazy (originally by Gnarls Barkley)
7. Under The Bridge (originally by Red Hot Chili Peppers)
8. Radioactive (originally by Imagine Dragons)
9. Come Together (originally by The Beatles)
10. Disturbia (originally by Rihanna)
11. The Kids Aren’t Alright (originally by The Offspring)
12. All About That Bass (originally by Meghan Trainor)
13. Crazy Train (originally by Ozzy Osbourne)


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