REVIEW: Vanity – Vain In life

vanity-vaininlifeVanity – Vain In life
CD 2015 Rebellion Records

Vanity is a two-men street rock’n’roll project with Colman Durkee (Creem, Nuclear Spring, Natural Law) and Evan Radigan (The Rival Mob, Raw Meat, Wolf Whistle) who last year released their début album ‘Vain In Life’ on vinyl through Katorga Works. Now Rebellion Records is releasing this one on CD, including four bonus tracks which are demo versions of ‘Might Trumps Thought’, ‘Bit ‘N’ Turned Rabid’, ‘You Don’t Know?’ and ‘Fuck Right Off’ that were recorded for an unreleased promo cassette.

Honestly I got some mixed feelings about this one. Certainly Vanity’s ‘Vain in Life’ is a nice streetpunk rock and roll album with a good ’77 punk vibe and a raw and dirty sound. On the other hand, the sound and colour of the vocals makes me hesitate to consider this record as a real killer. 7/10

Track list:
1. Can’t Be Bothered
2. Bit ‘N’ Turned Rabid
3. Might Trumps Thought
4. Martin Luther
5. You Don’t Know?
6. Off Ya Go
7. Got No Bite
8. Bal Des Ardents
9. Fuck Right Off
10. Face It
11. The King Drinks
12. New York City
13. Might Trumps Thought (demo)
14. Bit’n Turned Rabid (demo)
15. You Don’t Know? (demo)
16. Fuck Right Off (demo)

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