INTERVIEW: Iron Reagan is riding the wave.

Groezrock-74Photo by Inny Vanschoubroeck / Old Style Music Nights (groezrock 2015)

Iron Reagan was one of the bands I really wanted to see and have a chat with at Groezrock. Luckily, the interview got arranged and I spoke with Mark (guitar), Ryan (drums) and Rob (bass) from Iron Reagan.

Iron Reagan was formed in 2012 and are, in a way, an all star hardcore/punk/metal crossover band with members of Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse, … So, the Iron Reagan dudes are busy guys, but with good planning and liking what you do, it isn’t hard to combine things, the band confirms. Some of them have not played together in bands before but ended up together in Iron Reagan. Why? Just because they can. “Tony (red.: vocalist, Municipal Waste) called me up one day, asking if I wanted to play music with him and I said Yeah, I would like it a lot! Then I met these guys … we have a lot of fun, play a lot of shows and write a lot of music.” , Mark said.

Groezrock-67Photo by Inny Vanschoubroeck / Old Style Music Nights (groezrock 2015)

In the past three years the band already released a shipload of music: a demo EP, ‘The Worse Than Dead’, full length, a split with Exhumed (USA), the ‘Spoiled Identity’ EP, the ‘Tyranny of Will’ full length and a split with Toxic Shock (B). They certainly are a creative bunch. “We create a lot of songs. We are five dudes writing lyrics and we are all very involved in the creative process. We have a whole lot of ideas to work out and there really never is a dull moment.”, the band said.

With dozens of two minute songs already released they don’t fear to be repetitive … or they just don’t care: “All we are doing is playing what we want to play. It feels pretty good and when I still feel good no matter what we write I’m going to keep doing that. If we are repeating what we’ve done, so be it.”, Ryan explained. “The songs that have been done are done,” Rob added.

With members of Municipal Waste in their ranks, a comparison between Iron Reagan and Municipal waste is easily done. In a way Iron Reagan is lyrics-wise a bit more serious. Although there still is a lot of humour and fun involved, they don’t mind to give social criticism. “Well we have opinions on real issues as well on the hilarious ones. All what we are doing is having the ability to get both of them out. We are just fortunate to have the ability to do that … and not only that … but to be taken serious as well and living as a monkey fool.”, Ryan said.


The band released a split 7” with our own Toxic Shock (B) which made me curious to know how this happened: “Well, I don’t really know,” Mark explained, “Tony and the singer from Toxic Shock are friends for a while. The label from Toxic Shock approached Iron Reagan so Tony figured out that it would be a good fix for a split. We had a bunch of songs ready … I guess it just all came together.”, Mark added. Although he had never heard of Toxic Shock before he finds them pretty rad.

Without having great expectations the guys from Iron Reagan are happy to be in a band together, write music and play shows. “I don’t think that any of us had any real expectations or a certain goal when we entered Iron Reagan.”, Mark said. “We are just riding the wave!”, Ryan added.

Iron Reagan are currently touring Europe so go see them if you can.

Groezrock-73Photo by Inny Vanschoubroeck / Old Style Music Nights (groezrock 2015)



PHOTO CREDITS: Inny Vanschoubroeck / Old Style Music Nights and

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