REVIEW: No Man’s Land – No Way Back Home

abcd020frontNo Man’s Land – No Way Back Home
CD 2015 Aggro Beat

No Man’s Land, established in 1994, is the longest running Oi!/punk band from Indonesia. Before being picked up by Aggro Beat Records from the Netherlands in 2012 they only had a handful of cassette-only releases out. Afterwards they released a Best Of CD, two split 7” EP’s and contributed to the ‘Oi! Made In Indonesia’ compilation.

‘No Way Back Home’ is some good ol’ classic British Oi! The album offers twelve pure and simple Dr. Martens boots stompers. I’m talking about some good old fashioned skinhead punk here with catchy melodies and sing-alongs, nothing more nothing less. It is like Evil Conduct (NL) done Asian style and after 20 years it style sounds timeless.

Track list:
1 United Oi!
2. Don’t Know Why
3. Malang Nominor
4. No Way Back Home
5. BB Punk
6. Glory Days
7. Taken Away
8. Jack Meler
9. Degeneration
10. In The Trap
11. 20 Years Of Oi!
12. Our Lives


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