REVIEW: M.O.R.A – Halveksunnan aika

10881681_913443088695518_1131566750185307398_nM.O.R.A – Halveksunnan aika
CD 2015 DIY

One of the main reasons I fell in love with hardcore and punk during my teen years was because of its DIY mentality. After all these years I still appreciate bands who embrace this DIY mentality the most, bands like this Finish hardcore band M.O.R.A.

This, by two female vocalists fronted, hardcore band is back with a new album in the true DIY spirit. The album contain six kick-ass, brutal hardcore punk songs that will appeal to the fans of punk, old school hardcore and/or metalcore. Yeah, M.O.R.A. blend it all together in their furious sound. Add some social criticism to it and you are in for one hell of a moshpit. Awesome stuff. 8/10

Track list:
1. Nykyajan Narrit
2. Iltasatu
3. Tänään, Tässä
4. Tyhjän Päällä
5. Ajan Henki


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