REVIEW: Waiting For – The Hexen

cover-recto-cutWaiting For – The Hexen
CD 2015 XL Drums

Waiting For is a metal band from the southern part of our country Belgium. The band started in 2007 as ‘The Hexen’, changed their name and recently released an album called ‘The Hexen’. ‘The Hexen is an alternative metal album with hardcore influences, produced by Billy Graziadei from BIOHAZARD.

Unfortunately ‘The Hexen’, doesn’t convince me totally. Their metal meets hardcore sound is way from bad, it is musically even more then OK but the vocals are sometimes a real no go. I don’t mind different styles of singing on one album, it makes a record sound divers, it keeps the listener interested and it can be a real pleasure when it is well done. On ‘The Hexen’ I’m not very fond on some of the vocals, it lacks quality at times and makes this album a bit of a turn-off. 6,5/10

Track list:
1. Nothing but the Beginning
2. I’m Cursed
3. Let Me Go
4. Why?
5. Me Myself and I
6. This
7. Waiting For
8. The Last
9. I Feel Like
10. No Hell
11. We Can Fuck the Rules


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