REVIEW: As Friends Rust – The Porch Days

The Porch Days CoverartworkAs Friends Rust – The Porch Days
LP 2015 Demons Run Amok

As Friends Rust seems to be hot lately. Not only did they play Groezrock earlier this year, Shield Recordings released a ‘Greatest Hits?’ record and now Demons Run Amok releases this ‘The Porch Days’ album.

‘The Porch days’ is a record that contains music from their ‘Coffee Black’ (1998-2000) era, presenting As Friends Rust’s catchy, melodic hardcore punk sound. After all these years it still doesn’t sound dated and ‘Coffee Black’ still sends shivers down my spine.

This is another AFR record that takes you on a great trip down to Memory Lane and it will fit nicely besides the ‘Greatest Hits?’ album unless you have most of their music already. The album also has a 1999 Live In Ieper recording. 8/10

Track list:
1. Home Is Where The Heart Aches
2. The First Song On The Tape You Made Her
3. Half Friend Town
4. Like Strings (Spell It With a K)
5. Fire On 8th and 3rd
6. Coffee Black
7. Scapegoat Wets The Whistle
8. Operation (Circle Jerks Cover)
9. Untitled (Live in Ieper, Belgium, 20.08.1999)
10. Tuesday Clad (Live in Long Island, NY, 26.06.2000)


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