REVIEW: Culture – Born Of You

Culture – Born Of You
LP 2015 Demons Run Amok

If you were into sXe hardcore, metallic hardcore, new school hardcore, … back in the late nineties, you probably came across ‘Culture’ and maybe they inspired you to start your own 90s metalcore band. Culture was founded in Florida in 1992 and consisted of future members of Morning Again, As Friends Rust, …

Culture was one of those bands that commented a lot on social, political and ecological issues, problems and … ‘Born Of You’ was originally released back in 1995 but for the 20th anniversary of this record, Demons Run Amok just released the reissue. So if you don’t have it already and/or want to relive their glory days you should pick it up. Ow … and ‘Culture’ are releasing new songs as we speak.

Track list:
1. Born Of You
2. Apologies
3. Not As Mine
4. Another Path
5. Unconditional Love
6. Twenty Four
7. Silence Surrounds
8. Deflect – One And Only
9. Still Crossed


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