REVIEW: Foreign Legion / The Shame – Oi! The International Street-Punk League

ABEP022Foreign Legion / The Shame – Oi! The International Street-Punk League
7” EP 2015 Aggrobeat Records

On ‘Oi! The International Street-Punk League’ EP we got two street punk bands joined together on one piece of vinyl: Foreign Legion (UK) from Wales and The Shame from the USA.

Foreign Legion was est. in 1984 and has vocalist Marcus as the only remaining original member in their ranks. They contribute two new working class Oi!/street punk songs to this EP, songs that really kicks us a conscience. ‘Nowhere left to Hide’ deals with current world problems, …: war, conflict, skin cancer, climate change, … we just can’t hide from the rising tide. On ‘Our World Today’ politicians are to blame for the impoverishment of the common man.

‘The Shame’ from the USA have more of a punk sound and offer us some good old fashioned, nostalgic sing-a-long drinking songs but I prefer the Foreign Legion side. 8/10

Track list:
A Foreign Legion
1. Nowhere Left To Hide
2. Our World Today
B The Shame
1. Crossing the Line
2. Faded Glory

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