REVIEW: The Oppressed / The Prowlers – Skins’n’Punks Volume 6

ABCD024 ABLP024The Oppressed / The Prowlers – Skins’n’Punks Volume 6
CD/LP 2015 Aggrobeat (Europe), Insurgence (North-America)

Fans of ‘The Oppressed’ and ‘The Prowlers’ have a new record to get their hands on. This ‘Skins’n’Punks Volume 6’ is the resurrection of the ‘Skins’n’Punks’ compilation series that got released between 1986 and 1989 by Roddy Moreno’s (The Oppressed) own Oi! Records. Aggrobeat (Europe) and Insurgence (North-America) decided to release a new volume both on LP and CD.

This Volume 6 offers 7 ‘The Oppressed’ songs including five new ones, a ‘The Prowlers’ cover (Drunken Skinhead) and a new recorded version of White Flag. This song was originally not recorded with Roddy on vocals but with Martin Brennan back in 1982. ‘The Prowlers’ recorded five songs including a ‘The Oppressed’ cover (Urban Soldiers) and a Pöblers United cover (Antifascist Skin).

If you know what ‘The Oppressed’ is all about, then you know what to expect: good old fashioned working class Oi!, skinhead anthems, Cardiff pride and anti-fascist/anti-racist/100% SHARP tunes. With ‘The Prowlers’ they could not find a better match. This ‘Skins’n’Punks Volume 6’ is a must have for the fans.

Track List:
A: The Oppressed
1 Head Kicked In
2 Drunken Skinhead (The Prowlers)
3 White Flag (1st time w/ Roddy on vocals)
4 The Greatest Cardiff Rip Off
5 Cardiff Born
6 Bluebirds Unite
7 SHARP Anthem
B: The Prowlers
1. Revenge
2. We’re Here To Drink Your Beer
3. Antifascist Skin (Pöblers United)
4. Made On The Streets
5. Urban Soldiers (The Oppressed)
6. My Vote


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