REVIEW: Doghouse – Dysfunction

coverDoghouse – Dysfunction
2015 EP Morning Wood Records

Doghouse is a Serbian punk rock band formed in Belgrade in 1998. They went on a hiatus in 2006 and started again seven years later in 2013. It is 2015 and signed to Morning Wood Records their brand new comeback EP Dysfunction has seen the day of light.

Morning Wood Records certainly has a good ear when it comes to punk rock with releases from ‘Running Late’, ‘Omaha’, … and this ‘Doghouse’. The five songs on this EP are fine punk rock tunes in vain of the punk rock heroes from the nineties. Dysfunction has five well structured melodic punk rock tunes with nice vocal harmonies. The songs are a good mix of mid and up-tempo tunes. 7,5/10

Track list:
1. Breathe
2. Remember Days
3. Breaking
4. Nobody
5. Jester


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