REVIEW: Daycare For Jedi – Worst Things First

CoverdfjDaycare For Jedi – Worst Things First
EP 2015 Prime Collective

Daycare For Jedi is a Danish pop punk band, founded in 2014, who will release their second EP ‘Worst Things First’ on 3 August 2015 through Prime Collective.

Bands as Blink 182, … come to mind when the first notes of this EP come blasting out of the speakers but that reference quickly fades into a more modern, energetic and melodic pop punk sound. ‘Worst Things First’ certainly is a very addictive and catchy EP. It is one of the few new breed pop punk band releases that I strongly recommend to all of you, with a healthy appetite for punk rock, to check out. The songs on this EP are just too good to be ignored.

The force is strong in this one. 8/10

Track list:
1. Outcome
2. Broken Bones
3. Sinking Adventure
4. Gain and Lose


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