REVIEW: Shameless – s/t

11076282_394400707409629_435864947339710905_nShameless – s/t
CDEP 2015 Rusty Knife Records

Shameless is a young hardcore punk band from Italy who are around since 2013. This s/t EP is a co-release by the punk, Oi and ska label and distro: Rusty Knife Records who focus on anarcho punk, antifascist oi! and non patriotic/nationalist SHARP bands.

Shameless is labelled as an old school hardcore punk band as well as an Oi-core band but musically it has more in common with hardcore than with Oi. But hey labelling music isn’t that important.

If you like your hardcore fast but not brutal then this Shameless EP is what you need. It is full of up-tempo hardcore punk build on an old school foundation with some metal influences at times. It certainly doesn’t sound bad. Also you don’t need an Italian dictionary by hand because you can find some English translations at their bandcamp. 8/10

Track list:
1. Una Voce
2. Eroe
3. Ritorna
4. Semi di Odio
5. Ieri
6. Senza Vergogna


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