REVIEW: The Underground Railroad To Candyland – The People Are Home


The Underground Railroad To Candyland – The People Are Home
Cassette 2015 Lost Youth Records / co-released with Recess Records on LP/CD

Every now and then you come across some out of the ordinary but very interesting bands. Bands as this San Pedro, California (USA) based ‘The Underground Railroad To Candyland’. I’m not very fond on bands that have long band names, certainly when they are also stupid as ‘We Butter The Bread With Butter’ but for ‘The Underground Railroad To Candyland’ I make an exception. Not that it is a stupid name, a bit strange and funny in a way but not stupid.

Not knowing what to expect it turned out to be a pleasant surprise and their name suits the music just fine. ‘The People Are Home’ has a divers garage punk rock sound that can go in any direction. It is a bid clownesque and folky at times but that chaotic touch just add to the charm. So key elements are great garage rock with unexpected turns and humour.

Hans, if you are reading this, give these guys a stage at Groezrock, they deserve it.

‘The People Are Home’ is available on 50 white, hand-numbered cassette tape (incl. a download code) through Lost Youth Records. The CD version is out on Recess Records and the LP will be out on Recess in July. 8,5/10

Track list:
1. Dead Leg
2. The Grownups Will Have Their Say
3. Yer Not The Only One
4. In Case You Dunno
5. Let’s Go! Take It Slow!
6. Baby Makes WW3
7. Diamond Ring
8. Worried
9. This Is A Blind Date!
10. And Now…
11. Omstro
12. You Don’t Like The Summer
13. Th Ppl R Hm


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