REVIEW: The Bad Engrish – No Passing Trend

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}The Bad Engrish – No Passing Trend
LP 2015 Rebel Sound Music

The Bad Engrish must love Oi! music so much that they decided to start their latest album with the songs ‘Oi! is’ and ‘Oi!’s Not Dead’. Also the A-side of the album is even called ‘side Oi!’ and the B-side ‘side Oi! Oi!’. According to them streetpunk rock’n’roll certainly ain’t no passing trend.

This ‘No Passing Trend’ LP is recorded a long time ago but consists of yet unreleased material.

With most of the songs clocking under or around 2 minutes the album passes by like a roller-coaster on high speed. This is punk with the accelerator almost, but not fully, pushed to the maximum and their catchy, rough edged sing-a-long pogo punk can be seen as a combination of Funeral Dress, Oxymoron and The Casualties. You know, nothing out of the ordinary punk where you put your fist in the air, pogo around while spilling your beer all over the place. 7/10

Track list:
1. Oi! is…
2. Oi!’s Not Dead
3. Never Stray
4. Pogo Power
5. Bollox
6. Miles & Miles
7. Fish & Chips
8. You Hate Me
9. True Breed
10. We Still Are
11. Harry May
12. People Change
13. Engrish Class (Bonus Track)
14. (Super Secret Bonus Track)


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