REVIEW: Saints & Sinners / Grade 2 – Die With Our Boots On


Saints & Sinners / Grade 2 – Die With Our Boots On
7” 2015 Contra Records

This ‘Die With Your Boots On’ offers two new Oi! bands who both present two new tracks on this split 7” released by Contra Records. First band is ‘Grade 2’, a UK based Oi! band formed in May 2013. With ‘Noting To Lose’, a song about being tough behind your screen, … and ‘Till The End’, a songs about sending boys to ware to fight for a cause that isn’t theirs, ‘Grade 2’ offers some powerful melodic Oi! songs with a steady British foundation. ‘Grade 2’ has potential, musically the songs stand their ground.

Second band is ‘Saints & Sinners’ from the Czech Republic, formed in 2012. They offer the best track called ‘Alcoholic Anthem’ if you like a good party/drinking anthem for the kings of the concrete jungle, the so called scum of our society featuring Tim from Discharger but also ‘For Cowards’ is a catchy streetpunk rock and roll song. Honestly the contribution from ‘Saints & Sinners’ makes this ‘Die With Your Boots On’ split album worthwhile.7,5/10

Track list:
Grade 2: Nothing To Lose
Grade 2: Till the end
Saints & Sinners: Alcoholic Anthem
Saints & Sinners: For Cowards


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