REVIEW: High Society / Cheap Stuff – Old Friends On Wax


High Society / Cheap Stuff – Old Friends On Wax
7” 2015 Contra Records

Old Friends on Wax is another Contra Records split EP with two German punk bands ‘High Society’ and ‘Cheap Stuff’. High Society plays fast forward punk rock with streetpunk and Oi! ingredients. The songs have a good drive and nice melodies to make it catchy enough but without overdoing things. The main vocals are a big contrast with the great background vocal harmonies (not sure if this is a bad thing or not). ‘Cheap Stuff’ on the other hand plays more of raspy kind of street punk in comparison to High Society, it sometimes remind me of a 90’s Guttermouth (God’s Kingdom), but a bit rougher and darker. This split records certainly is a nice introduction to both bands or a good addition to your collection and will appeal to streetpunk fans with a broader taste. 7,5/10

Track list:
High Society: Circle vs Line
High Society: Here Are Your Enemies
Cheap Stuff: Nine Fingers Boy
Cheap Stuff: Kiss The Clouds


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