REVIEW: EVRA – Lightbearer

LIGHTBEARER ArtworkEVRA – Lightbearer
CD 2015 Prime Collective

‘Lightbearer’ the début full length from EVRA, a Copenhagen based quintet, will be released on August 21st and you should keep your eyes and ears open for this one. I need to warn you, ‘Lightbearer’ is not an album that will immediately convince most of you, in my case it needed some time to really get to my core. I think that, for the majority, the album need to grow on you, unless you are a big fan of anything Doom, Stoner and Hardcore related.

So musically it is an unusual combination of Doom, Stoner and Hardcore, it may sound a bit complicated but it is not and it is working out fine. It is heavy music with hardcore basics, chaotic twists and groovy stoner rhythms in an overall dark and occult atmosphere. It is like listening to a Black Sabbath and Cancer Bats jamming session in the desert with Josh Homme joining in while performing a black mass. 8,5/10

Track list:
1. I Lysets Skær
2. Curse Of The Moon
3. Enola
4. Washed Away
5. The Occultist
6. Paranoia
7. Lightbearer
8. Let Them Fall
9. Formørket


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