REVIEW: For I Am – 15 Minutes Late

cover artFor I Am – 15 Minutes Late

Damn, damn, damn what a band and what an EP! We need more bands like this Belgian female fronted pop punk band ‘For I Am’ who released their first EP ’15 Minutes Late’ on 13 June 2015.

I don’t know why but when it comes to punk rock we tend to look overseas for the next must have punk rock band. It’s like the new fuzz can only come from the USA, UK, CAN, SWE, … while there are plenty of good (pop) punk rock bands just around the corner: F.O.D., Generation 84, the Octopussys, Orange Apple, Altitude, Young Hearts, … and this For I Am. Belgium has more to offer then Waffles, chocolate and ‘De nieuwe lichting’.

’15 minutes Late’ is one of the best things, Belgian punk rock has to offer nowadays: good vocals, nice backings, well structured songs, some Blink 182, the skills to write touching pop music, songs that make you shed a tear and/or make you laugh, …

Watch out, old punk rocking farts, this new breed of punk rock is licking the sweat of your hairy necks. Also, it is great to have some extra oestrogen in the scene to counter the overwhelming smell off testosterone.

‘For I Am’ and ’15 Minutes late’ are highly recommended! 9,5/10

Track list
1. Friends With Benefits
2. For All You Pretty People
3. Awesome Me
4. Amongst The Stars
5. I Don’t Wanna
6. Grandma’s Missing
7. Time And Time Again


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