REVIEW: Urban Savage – Let Thunder Roar

10296849_1494132094132066_1051583079499906169_nUrban Savage – Let Thunder Roar
LP 2014 Savage Records

Urban Savage is a Swedish punk/hardcore band or as they say it themselves: “Hardcorepunkoirocknroll or whatever”, formed in 2012. They just released a new EP on their own Savage Records in co-release with Foreign Legion Records. This ‘Let Thunder Roar’ LP is the bands 2014 début.

There surely is something savage and vicious about their sound, it even has a bit of nihilism. Urban Savage almost sound like a Scandinavian Blood For Blood playing Oi/streetpunk songs. ‘Let Thunder Roar’ offers a rough mix of hardcore and streetpunk with raw vocals. It is a long angry and frustrated roar spitting out their guts about the mischiefs of our sick society: unemployment, minimum wage, modern slavery, tyranny, injustice towards the common man, … 7/10

Track list:
1. Thieving Bastards
2. Minimum Wage / Maximum Slave
3. When the day comes
4. Those who go and those who stay
5. Wolves
6. Wasted Time
7. I got nothing to say
8. No Cure For A Sick Society
9. Fight To Win – Fight To Lose
10. Let Thunder Roar


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