REVIEW: Herida Profunda – s/t

coverherida profunda
Herida Profunda – s/t
LP/CD/tape 2013 783 Landsberg Hardcore Crew

At first I decided not to write a review about this release because I’m not a big fan of grind core, crust, … I don’t now shit about it. After a bad night sleep I decided that I can’t do any harm giving it a bit of attention. So here we go.

Herida Profunda is a hardcore/crust band from Poland and the UK. Their s/t album is the bands first album and got released in 2013 on CD through 783 Landsberg Hardcore Crew. The LP is a 783 Landsberg Hardcore Crew co-release with No Sanctuary Records, SubZine Records, Infiltrate The System Records, Militanz Rec, Unleashed Noise Records, Bomb! This! Shit! Productions, Pogohai Records. There even is a tape version available. The bands next release will be a split picture disc with HELLBASTARD.

Musically Herida Profunda has a heavy, powerful and brutal sound, a bit to extreme to my taste mostly but it has an old school hardcore foundation, which is always nice. Spiced up with elements of crust punk and grind core it will appeal to the fans of the more extreme hardcore, metal and punk sounds.

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Spalone mosty
3. Zamach Bombowy
4. Strach
5. Paraliż
6. Dlaczego?
7. 783
8. Pierwsi do gazu
9. Udręka
10. Zamknij kurwa ryj !
11. Wiara na sprzedaż

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