REVIEW: One Day In Fukushima – s/t

one day artworkOne Day In Fukushima – s/t
demo 2015 Toxic Sele Crew

This Italian ‘One Day In Fukushima’ was started in 2014 by Fabrizio (Too Xigen , Ex Shellshock) and Valerio (Too Xigen). They have a passion for extreme sounds like death metal and grind core and extreme it is ( certainly to my taste). Like I said in a previous review, grind core isn’t my favourite form of musical entertainment so this demo will not be in my top ten of 2015 releases. Surely there are some elements, besides the vocals, that I can appreciate: the speed and the more metal oriented parts. Maybe it is something for you?!

Track list:
1. Toxifissione
2. Desomorfina
3. Exoskeleton
4. Sawney’s Eyes
5. Gabbia Toracica
6. Automi
7. Stench Of Rotten
8. La Giustizia Degli Spaventapasseri (feat. Gux)
9. Bergoglio’s Fistful Of Sanctity


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