REVIEW: Sros Lords – Rule


Sros Lords – Rule
CD/LP/cassette 2015 Earyummy Records

Sros Lords is a three piece slimernetik punk band from Michigan, Detroit USA formed in 2010. Slimernetik what? Well I don’t know what it means, guess it is some kind of freaky form of Lo-Fi garage, synth punk ;-).

Most of the 13 songs on ‘Rule’ clocks under the two minutes, so the record is over before you know it. Not that I’m complaining here… that’s punk… but in a way I’m glad ‘Rule’ isn’t full with 3-4 minute songs. Why? Because after a few songs the overwhelming sound of the synthesizers is a bit annoying. On the other hand I’m intrigued by the distorted, vicious low-fi garage punk sound and the diversity in songs. Opener ‘Beacon Of Hope’ for instance is a song that I associate with some UK garage punk bands but with a layer of synthesizer noise. ‘Bury Me Alone’ seems to have a Nintendo thing going on.

If you don’t mind the sound of an annoying mosquito coming out your speakers, Sros Lords is your band, still quite an intriguing sound though. 7/10

Track list:
1. Beacon of Hope
2. Fits You Fine
3. Erica
4. Pay the Rent
5. Cleaner Love
6. Baby Centipede
7. Sniper
8. Hour of the Time
9. Cocaine
10. Slow Death
11. Magic Sword
12. Dragonflex
13. Bury Me Alone


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