REVIEW: Crowned Kings – Forked Roads

unnamedCrowned Kings – Forked Roads
LP/CD 2015 Demons Run Amok Records

Australian Hardcore formation Crowned Kings are back with a new full length: ‘forked Roads’. The follower to their 2012 début ‘Wise Guy’ will be out on Demons Run Amok Records.

‘Forked Roads’ is a heavy hardcore album with metal influences build on a NYHC foundation. The album is full of angry songs dripping with rage and has all the hardcore clichés: powerful songs, good breaks, tempo changes, crazy mosh parts and lyrics about’ not giving in, standing your ground, friends and family, … What you get is a nice hybrid of Madball, Terror, …

‘Forked Roads’ will appeal to the fans of heavy straight in your face hardcore, nothing more, nothing less. 7,5/10

Track list:
1. Aim For The Top
2. Rage Inside
3. Ego Trip
4. Forked Road
5. Judged
6. Rule This World
7. Enemy
8. Deadbeat
9. Slave To The Cash
10. The Reaper
11. Never Give Up
12. Sold My Soul


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