REVIEW: Buzzkill Sultan – reptile demo

11218622_917117331683479_873436011798860221_nBuzzkill Sultan – reptile demo
demo CD 2015 DIY

I was a bit bummed when the Belgium garagerock punk band The Red Light Rumors came to an end. It was always fun when these dudes hit the stage and I had some nice pre and post show hangouts with Bart, Wez, Kurt and Gerd (even so when Bart en Wez left the band and got replaced).

When the Red Light Rumors came to an end, drummer Kurt went on to play percussion/drums in the country, roots, hillbilly rock and roll outfit The Blue Eyed Bandits en Gerd got back together with original Red Light Rumors Wez and Bart in Buzzkill Sultan.

This very limited demo CD is the first Buzzkill Sultan release and it comes in a handmade sleeve. The five songs on this EP are certainly as dirty and as greasy as the Red Light Rumors songs. They have that same rock and roll spirit but with an extra dose of rawness, a bigger DIY vibe, more punk and more vintage: the songs sound unpolished as they were recorded in a crappy garage.

Buzzkill Sultan is garagerock avant la lettre with a DIY punk attitude. 7.5/10

Track list:
1. Reptile
2. Can’t You Hear Me Calling
3. Daisy Don’t Dance
4. Let’s Play Personality Twister
5. I Don’t Wanna


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