REVIEW: Kapakmens – Anarhija

a2878937195_10Kapakmens – Anarhija
digital/CD 2015 DIY

Kapakmens are a punk/metal band from Latvia. Recently they released their second album Anarhija (Eng. – Anarchy).

Based the album title and the artwork I thought that the music from Kapakmens would be mostly punk inspired, but that’s not totally the case here. Not that I’m a punk authority or something like that. To me, it mostly sounds as death metal combined with punk. Lyrically the songs deal with topics that are mostly related to punk music: criticism on organized religion, our society, militarism, violence are warfare, privacy and freedom, animal rights, capitalism and modern slavery, …

Anahija by Kapakmens is soul food for the death metal fan with a punk heart. 7/10

Track list:
1. AK, Dievs, 666 Reizes! (OH, GOD, 666 Times!)
2. Mirsim Kopä (Let’s Die Together)
3. Kaimini (Neigbours)
4. Mëslu zeme (The Land Of Dung)
5. Dumpja Suns (Riot Dog)
6. Zinätne Un Vara (Science And Power)
7. Vienosimies Labäkai Pasaulei (Let’s Unite For A Better WorldWORLD)
8. Novërots (Surveilled)
9. Trauksme (Alert)
10. Anarhija (Anarchy)
11. Darbs Nav Dzïve (Work Is Not Life)
12. Smags Un Neërts Kapakmens (Heavy and Inconvenient Tombstone)
13. Idiotizäcija (Idiotization)
14. Brïvïbu Dzïvniekiem (Freedom For Animals)


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