REVIEW: Tracer – Water For Thirsty Dogs

Tracer_Water_For_Thirsty_Dogs_CoverTracer – Water For Thirsty Dogs
CD 2015 Odyssey Music Label

When it comes to decent rock and roll Australia is the place to be and Tracer from Adelaide, South Australia certainly is worth mentioning but don’t expect an AC/DC clone or something.

‘Water For Thirsty Dogs’ is the bands third record after the 2011 ‘Spaces In Between’ and the 2013 ‘El Pistolero’. Opener and Title track ‘Water For Thirsty Dogs’ sets the atmosphere right for some decent desert rock. The album consists of ten songs that alternates between fine hard rock with a twist of blues and rock ballads but both build on a solid stoner rock foundation. Nothing ground breaking really but Tracer just delivered a nice rock album with a good vibe. 7,5/10

Track list:
1. Water For Thirsty Dogs
2. We`re Only Animals
3. Us Against the World
4. Lazy
5. Astronaut_Juggernaut
6. Halfway To Zero
7. The Machine
8. Homeward Bound
9. Owe You Nothing
10. Tremors


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