REVIEW: Working Poor USA – s/t

coverwpWorking Poor USA – s/t
7” EP 2015 Streetrock Records

Working Poor USA is an Oi/punk/hardcore band from ape Cod, Massachusetts and past August they released their début 7” on Streetrock Records in a limited run of 500 copies (200 red, 200 blue and 100 black) including a digital download code containing 2 bonus tracks ‘Freedom’ and ‘Pill Junkie’. Their music is a mixture of Oi and hardcore build on a rock and roll foundation. Honestly this s/t EP is nothing ground breaking, it even has one of the poorest openers I’ve ever heard. The rest is just raw and hard hitting average American working class streetrock. 6,5/10

Track list:
1. Working Poor
2. Headcase
3. Middle Ground
4. Lion for a Day
5. The Stand
6. Freedom
7. Pill Junkie


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