REVIEW: Cenobites – Aftermath (The Nuclear Sessions)

Cenobites_AftermathCenobites – Aftermath (The Nuclear Sessions)
CD 2015 Rebellion Records

The last time I listened to the Rotterdam (NL) psychos ‘Cenobites’ must be around 2008 (their Blue Fandango release). The CD version of ‘Aftermath (The Nuclear Sessions)’ was released earlier this month on 5 September 2015. The vinyl version is coming later this year, hopefully in nuclear green. The album comes five years after the band’s last full-length ‘No Paradise For The Damned’.

For more then 20 years and a bunch of line-up changes later the Cenobites are still strong representatives of the Dutch psychobilly scene. With ‘Aftermath (The Nuclear Sessions)’ they deliver another fine real psychobilly album, including heavy elements of punk and metal. The Cenobites aren’t dead yet, they just sound rougher and more vicious than before. 8/10

Track list:
1. A Butcher’s Tale
2. Eat Your Soul
3. Hyperdrive
4. The Deal
5. El Camino Del Amor
6. Midnight Madness
7. Love Junkie
8. Dynamite Lust
9. Wednesday Night
10. Step Inside
11. Human Dog
12. Zombie Carnage
13. Legal Killer
14. Come On (bonus track)



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