REVIEW: Young Hearts – Now’s My Time

859714150989_cover.600x600-75Young Hearts – Now’s My Time
CDEP 2015 Thanks But No Thanks Records

Thanks But No Thanks Records (B) has some fine CD releases out. First of all there is this ‘Now’s My Time’ EP by Young Hearts, a punk rock band from Hemiksem, Belgium.

Young Hearts plays fast punk rock build on a nineties foundation but with a modern touch. The songs have a brutal twist due to the mostly clean vocals with a raspy edge, the occasional screams and the occasional backing screams. The five energetic songs on this EP are nicely build with variations in tempo and style. They have some good melodies, some nice metal alike riffs, good shout outs and sing-alongs. It all just adds up to something more than being a twelve-in-a-dozen-punk-rock-release. Unfortunately this EP is way too short, I just kept hitting the repeat button.

I’m looking forward to hear more from this band in the future. Pick up this ‘Now’s My Time’ EP because it deserve your precious money. 8,5/10

Track list:
1. Now’s My Time
2. Secrets
3. Rest Your Case
4. Million Dollar
5. Regenerate


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